Caribbean Dream Florida Inc wholesale and distribution Terms

Caribbean Dream Florida, Inc has identified a need to create and apply a consistent policy for wholesaler and Foreign Distributors.

Wholesale Policies: (United States Only)
Minimum Order quantity: 24 Units
Price: Please Visit our contact page (Tax applies for addresses in the State of Florida unless a Tax-exempt certificate is presented.)
FOB: CDFL warehouse (Wholesalers pays cost of shipping)
MSRP: USD $30.00 per Unit and Wholesalers can not sell the product below this amount

Tier 1: Local area (Postal Code within a city or a small city)
Minimum Order quantity: 1000 Units Per Year
Price: Please contact us

Tier 2: City Distributor (Milan, Paris, Etc…)
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 units Per year
Price: Please contact us

Tier 3: Country Distributor (Italy, France, Etc…)
Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000 Units per year
Price: Please contact us

General Terms for distributors:

1) FOB Fort Lauderdale USA. Distributor is responsible for all Shipping, Import and local Taxes in their region

2) If Distributor wishes to sell product in retail, it should not be priced for less than USD $30.00/unit

3) Distributor will have exclusive territory as above for minimum of one-year
longer term contracts can be signed with potential price adjustments per year.

Larger territories can be negotiated directly for a Minimum Order Quantity of 25,000 units
Please contact us through our contact page for a confidential conversation