The way hair must be

The Product Story

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown Caribbean Dream Florida, Inc. a local, and Indie based company was founded. Our focus was to create a “new” and “superior” product formulation to address the issues of dry, frizzy and damaged hair. We came to realize that the chemicals used for transforming hair can sometimes cause hair to become “over processed” an effect that makes hair appear dry and frizzy. With this realization, it became obvious that something had to be done to help hairdressers and regular consumers with these hair issues. FIXIT® was created through an alliance between our founders and the best chemists and business minds in South Florida. After intense research and collaboration, we were able to create the new revolutionary product:

FIXIT® an intensive conditioning, hydrating mask. We have chosen the best and safest ingredients including the oil of the strawberry seed which is beneficial for maintaining a healthy Scalp. This amazing new product, made in the USA, will improve the overall integrity of hair by restoring it to a healthy, moisturized, and hydrated condition. “Dry Hair Stops Here.”