The way hair must be

The Product Story

We still work with clients every day and have used most of the professional products available on the market over the years. Today we live in the world of Color. Everyone young and old, Male or female uses some sort of hair color. After intensely thinking “how we can help” not only our fellow hairdressers but also the consumer, it became very clear to us that we needed to make some changes. We decided to help by creating “new” and “superior” product formulations in order to keep the hair healthy – The way hair must be . Working with the best chemists and testing numerous samples we were able to create the revolutionary product “FIXIT™”. We selected the best ingredients including the oil of the Strawberry seed. This amazing product when used according to the clear directions on the tube can improve the integrity of the hair. Even after the very first treatment one should see and feel a difference from the way the hair was before.