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[accordion-item title=”Can CDR be used on Afro, Latin and other ethnic hair types?”]

Yes, Actually Caribbean Dream Relaxer is specially formulated for Latin American and Caribbean hair types, But the Caribbean dream is not recommended on kinky African hair types. Other than that the Caribbean dream will work on just about any hair type, that’s curly and wavy.

[accordion-item title=”Can CDR be used on Clients with relaxed hair?”]


[accordion-item title=”Can CDR Damage hair or create breakage?”]

Our product is not like most conventional relaxes that contain heavy sodium hydroxide and tioglyicolate hydroxide that are very hard on the hair and can even break the hair our product is damaged free because it does not contain the ingredients mentioned above.The Caribbean dream consists of soft ingredients like sistemain, lanolin and other emollient moisturize ingredients that are soft and even used in skin care products.Lanoline is an oil that comes from sheep wool.

[accordion-item title=”Can we use other tools like hot irons to style the hair after treatment?”]

Yes , We work with blow-dries and flatirons in order to help process and retexturize hair with the Caribbean dream retexturizing system.