What hair types is Caribbean Dream Hair Relaxer meant for?

We recommend that Caribbean Dream Hair Relaxer be used on only type two (wavy) and type three (curly) hair.  We do not recommend that you use our products if your hair is coarse or coily.


Can the Caribbean Dream Hair Relaxing Treatment be used on already relaxed hair?

Yes! Caribbean Dream Relaxer works on both natural and relaxed hair.


Is Caribbean Dream Hair Relaxer damaging to hair? Does it cause breakage?

Because our product is 100-percent formaldehyde-free and made without harmful hydroxides, it is incredibly gentle and causes substantially less damage than the vast majority of hair relaxing treatments.


Is it ok to use other heat tools after a Caribbean Dream Hair Relaxer treatment?

Absolutely! We even use heating tools as a part of the relaxing process. We recommend using these tools on their lowest heat setting, as that is healthiest for the hair.