At the Heart of our company are Jesse & Flo Briggs whose tenure and wealth of experience as hairdressers and educators is beyond compare in today’s beauty industry. Over the years and until this day Jesse & Flo continue to work with clients specializing in the processes and products required for transforming hair as in color, straightening, and perms. Following are just some of the accomplishments and recognitions Jesse & Flo Briggs have received over their 50 year tenure in the beauty industry as professional hairdressers and educators:

• Cofounders of Hair Color USA, the largest hair color show in the world
• Trade magazine Modern Salon says: “Jesse and Flo Briggs are amongst the top 100 instructors in the world.”
• Founders of the original Worldwide Yellow Strawberry Salon with its Anchor store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
• Members of the prestigious organization “Intercoiffure Mondial” a label of International quality recognizing only 3000 Salons across 55 countries
• Various works have been featured in Vogue, Elle and many other fashion magazines

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