From high fashion to high finance, the hair industry icon offers fascinating insights to corporate audiences

Hairstylist to the stars, the legendary Jesse Briggs regales audiences worldwide with tales of white collar crime, secrets of marital longevity and the meteoric rise of his friend Paul Mitchell.

LONDON, UK – Fresh from his new venture as the founder of Caribbean Dream Hair Care Inc. and continuing to run his highly popular Yellow Strawberry Hair Salon in Florida, the wildly entertaining Jesse Briggs has undertaken to share his vast knowledge of the hair care industry with the outside world.

This luminary of the multi-billion dollar hair care industry provides helpful guidance to all those attempting to navigate the turbulent waters of today’s complex corporate environments.

Companies of all sizes and organizations of all types are encouraged to extend an invitation to Mr. Briggs for his highly informative 120-minute seminars that cover unusually diverse topics such as surviving in Federal prison, achieving 50 years of marital bliss or the always exquisite trials and tribulations of the late great Paul Mitchell.

“Paul Mitchell use to sleep on my couch before he hit it big,” says Jesse with a wry smile. “We all had such a wonderful time developing this industry over the years. It’s been a great ride and I hope to help others avoid the pitfalls we experienced.”

The speaker fees for Mr. Briggs hover around $37.5K and he will gladly deliver a wealth of pertinent and useful information that are sure to enlighten audiences of all stripes. Bookings are now available to see firsthand the man behind the legend.

Caribbean Dream Hair Care Inc. specializes in innovatively formulated hair relaxers designed to provide men and women who have wavy or curly hair an avenue with which they can try a new, straight style without causing irreparable damage.

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