At Caribbean Dream Hair Care, our mission is to help you change up your look with our healthy and gentle hair relaxer. Easy to apply and even easier to love, our innovatively formulated hair relaxers provide women and men who have wavy or curly hair an avenue with which they can try a new, straight style without causing irreparable damage.

Developed by hairdressers for both their colleagues and the general public, Caribbean Dream Hair Relaxer is available to all and is shockingly easy to use. Giving you the soft, smooth, and silky hair you’ll love to show off, our product keeps your hair both healthy and beautiful.

To try Caribbean Dream Relaxer for yourself, shop here. If you have any questions regarding the ingredients, uses, or the benefits of our product, check out our FAQs page or reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jesse Briggs - Creator

Jesse Briggs
Creator of Caribbean Dream Relaxer and owner of
Yellow Strawberry Salons